Frequently Asked Questions

As an existing StorageRoom customer, do I have to worry about Contentful?

No, you don't have to worry. Contentful is the new version of our product, with a highly improved architecture and user experience. We will help all our customers to move to Contentful as soon as they are ready. StorageRoom will still be available until the end of 2014.

Can I generate a mobile application without any programming skills?

No. StorageRoom is a content backend for web & mobile applications. One or multiple editors manage your content in our web-based interface but a programmer is still required to develop the application. You can either develop the application yourself or in cooperation with an agency or freelancer.

So why should I use StorageRoom?

StorageRoom makes it very easy for editors (not techies) to manage content and provides the API and SDKs for developers to load the content into apps on multiple platforms. You don't have to build your own backend - or pay somebody else to do it - and you don't need to maintain your own server infrastructure.

Can you recommend an agency to develop the application for me?

Any decent developer should be able to use our API in no time. However, we are currently working on an official list of partner agencies that have worked with StorageRoom before.

Can I import content from an existing source?

There is no import wizard as there would be too many different data formats for us to support. But it is very easy to use our API to import data from your existing database, CMS, Excel sheet or any other data source. You can also contact us with your requirements and we make a quote for data import.

Can I export my content?

It is your data so you can export it at any time. Use the exported data to move the content to another provider if you ever decide you want to leave us, to create additional off-site backups or to include the content for offline usage in your application's bundle.

Is my data backed up?

Yes. We back up all user data at least once every day. You can also use the export feature to create your own additional backups.

Where is your service hosted?

StorageRoom runs on top of Amazon's EC2 cloud.

Does StorageRoom work with mobile platform X?

Our API works with any platform that can make regular HTTP requests and parse JSON. We haven't heard of a platform that doesn't support this yet. We got you covered, no matter if you use iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or J2ME.

Does StorageRoom work with JavaScript?

Definitely! You can either use JSONP or AJAX with CORS to include content in your web applications. Check out some of the great frameworks that make it even easier to build JavaScript apps.

Can I use my StorageRoom content on my website?

Yes. Your server can load content from the StorageRoom API and render an HTML page out of it. Another option is to use JavaScript to load content dynamically in your visitors' browers.