BeMyApp - The 2012 App OlympicsMar 03

BeMyApp was a mobile app hackathon for developers, designers and marketers that took place in several cities around the world simultaneously. We at StorageRoom were thrilled to attend the event in Berlin and proud to be one of its sponsors.


App ideas were presented on Friday night, multiple competing teams were formed and the applications were developed in Club Mate powered hacking sessions until Sunday evening.

All teams made a live demo of their applications and a jury had the tough job of selecting a winner. The quality of the applications was incredibly high for such a short development time.

One of our favorites and the winner of the Berlin AppOlympics was UnlockYourBrain, an Android application that locks the screen periodically to disrupt long playing sessions of kids with educational quizes. A series of multiple-choice questions must be answered correctly before the device gets unlocked and the child can keep on playing.

We've been talking to the winning team and they liked the idea of using StorageRoom to manage their app content. It would be the perfect solution to edit and distribute the questions and answers for their E-Learning game.

More coverage of the event can be found on VentureVillage.