About Us

We have been developing mobile applications for clients of all sizes and ourselves for about three years. While developing these apps we discovered that it was way too much effort to include content in native mobile apps.

Many of the applications we created contained editorial content such as news, announcements, points of interests or help text. We searched the web for solutions to host this content but didn't find anything useful.

Existing CMS aren't suited for mobile apps. They were built to serve websites in HTML and have many features to manage SEO, designs or templates, but they have no or only bad APIs.

Writing a custom backend for each mobile application wasn't a solution either. We have a long background in building and hosting web applications, so we decided to scratch our own itch and built a custom tool to handle the job.

We soon realized that other developers had the same problems and that our tool was flexible enough to work for their apps as well. That's why we released StorageRoom, the first Content Management System that is optimized for native mobile applications, to the public in June 2011.

Independent developers as well as agencies should use our cloud-based CMS to focus on their job and to save a lot of time, money and hassle while building their mobile applications.