Content Management for Web & Mobile Applications.

Manage content in our web-based interface and use our JSON-API to display it in your applications.

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  • Schemas

    Manage Any Content

    Flexible and customizable Collections give you complete control over your data structures. Configuration is required once but can be changed at any time. Add validation rules to prevent invalid entries.

  • Web Interface

    Edit Your Content Online

    Manage all your content in an easy-to-use web interface. Edit rich HTML or Markdown text. Upload documents, images, audio and video. Images are scaled and cropped automatically.

  • Permission System

    Invite Multiple Editors

    Collaborate on content without adding strain on your engineering team. Use the role-based permission system to configure who can see and edit your data.

  • API

    Query Your Data

    Developers use our RESTful JSON API to load content into web & mobile apps. Filter your data with advanced queries. All traffic can be encrypted with SSL.

  • SDKs

    Shorten Development Time

    Seamless integration into your apps with our iOS and Ruby libraries. Or just use JavaScript. Only a few lines of code are required in many cases. Synchronize your content for offline use. Import data from an existing source.

  • Webhooks

    Integrate And Extend

    Webhooks allow any other server to be notified about events occurring within StorageRoom. Update entries, invalidate caches or notify third-party services to deliver push notifications.


“StorageRoom allows us to easily manage content and distribute it to multiple platforms.”

- Kai Wengenroth, Senior Manager Interactive Products, Viacom International Media Networks Northern Europe


“From its Web-based UI to its elegantly designed RESTful API, StorageRoom really impressed us.”

- Ralf Rottmann, Editor, The Next Web


“I implemented StorageRoom in less than 10 minutes. I couldn't wish for more, a great product. Thanks.”

- Uwe Hebbelmann, Senior iOS Developer, Heartbeat Ideas


“We really like the flexibility StorageRoom gives us, especially when clients need a fast and simple server-based solution.”

- Thomas Dohmke, CEO, Codenauts

How does it work?

  • 1. Create data structuresCreate data structures
  • 2. Enter your contentEnter your content
  • 3. Manage your dataManage your data
  • 4. Use our API & SDKQuery our API

What kind of content is supported?

  • AnnouncementsAnnouncements
  • Recipes, Trivia Questions, ...Recipes, Trivia Questions, ...
  • Points of InterestPoints of Interest

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